Review HTML

  • <!DOCTYPE html> is declared as an HTML5 document
  • <html> element is the root element of the HTML page
  • <head> element contains the meta data of the document, such as <meta charset="utf-8"> defines the page encoding format as utf-8.
  • <title> element describes the title of the document
  • <body> element contains the visible page content
  • <h1> element defines a big headline
  • <p> element defines a paragraph

HTML <title> element

  • Defines the title of the browser toolbar
  • The title that appears in your favorites when a web page is added to your favorites
  • The title displayed on the search engine results page

HTML <!DOCTYPE> element

The <!DOCTYPE> declaration helps to display the page correctly in the browser.

There are many different files on the web, and if the version of HTML is correctly declared, the browser will display the content of the page correctly.

doctype declaration is case insensitive

Note: Always add a forward slash to the subfolder. If you write the link like this: href=”https://www.xxx.com/html", it will generate two HTTP requests to the server. This is because the server adds a forward slash to this address and then creates a new request like this: href=”https://www.xxx.com/html/".